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Condoleeza Rice for Vice President?

Kevin Drum is hearing some buzz in Republican circles in Washington, but pretty much discounts Rice, saying that Bush-Cheney is much more likely.

On another note, is Condi Rice a lesbian?

A quick browse around reveals this popular story. I had an interesting chat about the idea with an editor from a big magazine and some people from Westminster last year – it stuck in my mind.

34 thoughts on “Condoleeza Rice for Vice President?”

  1. Everyone knows that Condoleeza Rice is into girls she is a devout lesbian. Isn’t it hypocritaical that Cheney’s allegience is to Bush and not his family (lesbian daughter Mary) and Condi’s allegiance is to Bush (literally) when Condi is out of town she’s into pussy. Also Barbara Bush (jr) gw’s daughter is into girls as well…oh my!!!

  2. Barbara Boxer and Howard Dean are the guts of the democratic party now, none of the rest to include Kennedy or Kerry make too many waves anymore I’m so dissappointed! well at least Kerry disapproved of Rice….but seems most of the democrats now are all milktoast

  3. Well, I’m seeing most of these comments are a few months old. It’s now March ’05 and Condi’s the Secretary of State. One of my co-workers is a lesbian, her partner did graduate work at Stanford around the same time Condi did, and from what my colleague told me just today, there are numerous individuals within the faculty and student body of the time that recall Condi, our new Chief Diplomat, as being a total, out and out carpet-muncher (please, no offense intended) the entire time she was at Stanford – allegedly hanging out in all the lesbian bars and clubs, certainly making no secret of it.

    Now, here’s a wierd twist – back in 2003 (I think) Condi did an interview in Christianity Today in which she was definitely pictured as a conservative, evangelical Christian. Interesting.

    Anyway, check out the Stanford link if you know anyone there or live nearby. The info I was given seems pretty damn credible. Can you imagine the effect on the Bush regime if the mainstream media – or what the hell, enough bloggers – picked up this ball and ran with it???

  4. Yeah, Condi is one of us….from what the news is though, the problem is that her other is a blonde who works on the Hill. It’s just scandal she probably doesn’t feel like dealing with, and getting a guest shot on ‘The L Word’ is probably not what she has in mind, career wise. Leave her be.

  5. All the speculation about Condi’s sexuality is certainly entertaining, but quite beside the point. I despise the woman’s politics, and I hope to see her exit the halls of power ASAP. BUT her private life is PRIVATE. It’s none of our business whom she sleeps with (any more than we have a right to nose into Clinton’s bedroom or anyone else’s). If (God forbid) she becomes president one day and wants to move a lesbian other half into the White House residence, any of us who voice objections should be told to stuff it in no uncertain terms. There are plenty of political grounds to run her out of town…..

  6. I fully agree that a public figures are entitled to the sexual orientation of their choice. I agree, also, that the details of their contacts are a private matter. But, the notion that their sexual orientation is a private matter is untenable, and rightly so. Closseted sexuality is is psycologicly creepy, and dangerous when people in high places are involved. But really, Rice’s sexuality is of no import, she’s just a common, kiss-up, flunky.

  7. I was in DC for the anti-inauguration. My cabbie when asked about Condi offered unsolicited that she was a lesbian and he had driven she and her girlfriend around many times…..

    how about that one for gossip??

  8. You guys are just going on and on about nothing. Here we have a young, african-american from a stable black background. Can’t you guys just believe that a lady can be single without being a pervert.

    All you have said, is indicative of the contents of your minds. I would not be surprised if Nolan has had something to do with Bushwhacker. I wonder whose bush you have been whacking?

  9. Isn’t it so obvious that condi enjoys her own company and looks forward to her solitude, those absurd rumors by narrow minded individuals, who will speculate that any mature unmarried man or woman who has achieved some type of status in life is gay , i wonder what part of their brain is in working condition.

  10. I don’t think the question here is the morality or titillation of Rice’s sexuality, but rather, the double standard in Washington. Our so-called liberal press would jump all over a tip (probably from Rove or one of his henchman) about a high ranking democrat being gay, yet no one even questions people in the Bush administration about their private lives. I think this is not only because of the control this administration exerts over the press (unprecedented, in my view), but also because she is black (and no one wants to be accused of racial motivation in reporting). Personally, I think it is good that we have a black (and, from many accounts, lesbian) Secretary of State, but I wish it had been someone more qualified, with more ability, and who wasn’t part of this fact-fearing, go-it-alone administration.
    BTW, my neighbor, who was at Stanford for several years that overlapped with Rice’s time there, says the same thing. She was completely out as lesbian and it was not a scandal, just a reality. It is sad she has to live a closeted life now, but considering the cast of characters she’s chosen to ally with, it is hard to sympathize…

  11. condi is not a lizzie. believe me i know. she s not a lizzie. shes a square. i talked to her about a decade ago. she is proper and kinda really decent clean like. shes proper and kinda churchie. she is a good person. shes so good; she might have been naieve. she is nice. she just hasn’t found a man good enough for her. she is a person of high morals. she probably really didn’t ever imagine a jet ladened with fuel would slam into a building. she kinda missed alot. thats why she loyally took up for bush, the presidency. her mind is political and full of diplomatic do good. her dedication to career kept her from marrying. she is not a lizzie. honest.

  12. Did it never occur that she may be a lesbian AND have devoted her life to politics? I would have money that the people writing this are white middle class professionals, who have no idea what it was like to grow up in Alabama in the 50s/60s. It’s hypocritical americanism at its worst.

  13. You know, it IS possible to care for the person and oppose their politics/lifestyle.

    My gay cousin died of AIDS. I cared for him.

    He wanted marriage to be redefined, after 10,000 years of custom, to include a man marrying man. I opposed that.

    Conservatives want to live and let live. You can be gay, lesbian, transgeneredcrossdressingwhatever and do whatever you want in your house. I have no problem with that.

    My wife and I can will do what we want in our house. Don’t come into my house to try and redefine marriage to include man-man, woman-woman, man-cat, woman-horse, whatever else, and then ask for my tax dollars to support it. I oppose that, as do a majority of Americans in every survey ever done.

    Live and let live people. If your liberal opinions should have the weight of law, let them get enacted by state legislatures, not activist judges who rule on what they think the law SHOULD say, as opposed to what it DOES say.

    That’s the big difference between liberals and conservatives. We conservatives want to live and let others live. Liberals want government to intervene and force their opinions on others.

    Look at *welfare* (forcing taxpayer dollars to support dependence on government), *politically correct speech* (forcing others to stop saying what you don’t want to hear, insted of letting the weight of your ideas win arguments), *banning mention of G-d in school* (removing all mention of divinity lest some athiest ears be offended), etc. etc.

    Live and let live.

    You keep your property, work hard, stay off drugs, don’t have kids out of wedlock, stay married, and I’ll do the same.

    And we’ll all be better off.

  14. minn-guy, how would you like it if you were told that YOU absolutely HAD to dress as a female whenever you left your own home? Do not condemn what you do not understand.

    (BTW, I know what I’m talking about. I’m a FTM.)

  15. Hi Gavin
    C.R. is gay. NO doubt about it. But more interestingly where is the place pictured at the beginning of your blog. I’m from Galway and I think it’s somewhere in connemara. Am I right?


  16. Condi a lizzie? Oh nooooo!!!!! We don’t want any lizzie’s in government, with all the respectable, down to earth, intelligent, law abiding people in our government. What? Ohhhhhhhhh NEVER MIND!!!!!!

  17. I admire Condi….brain, dress and climb. You’ll never figure out who she really is because she is an enigma, not the routine stereotype..look what she did with Kerry at the hearings! I luv Condi but hate her politics and would like to be her…period!

  18. Damn thats hot i hope i can download some videos soon with her and jenna jameson carpet munching…who hoo!!!
    However i dont think we should be prying into these peoples personal lives (i wonder if she does it on the round table) either and its completely out of place and disrespectful. Its just as bad as the whole thing with cheneys daughter…i wonder..condy and the cheneys? hmm haha
    fun fun fun
    boy you people are sick!!

  19. I do not know whether Dr. Rice is a lesbian or not. If she is then I question her integrity for supporting an administration that is largely anti gay. On one hand I agree that her sexuality, as long as it involves only consenting adults, is not only non of my business but no grounds upon which to determine her capability of holding the office of Secretary of State or even running for president.

    But if she is a lesbian then I question her integrity. It is as if a white politician working for the Ku Klux Klan objects to be tarred as a racist. By working for one of the most anti gay administration in our recent history, if she is a lesbian is a hypocrite and that would or should prevent her being qualified to run for president.

  20. I like the standard being used by some gay historians. One is assumed to be gay unless there is proof otherwise (opposite sex spouse, children, etc.).

  21. Wow, just think, if Cornhole-eeza is a carpet muncher, she could be the ultimate mold-breaker of the traditional rich, creepy, Caucasian male as president: she’s a woman, she’s black, AND she’s gay! FABULOUS!!

  22. Rice has a boyfriend,in fact she has been with the same dude for the past 20 years,he was a top brass in the Air Force,now in the Pentagon .Why we never see them ? They are special people ,special people go to a list of restaurants closed on Mondays and Tuesdays,they shop on Sundays in closed “boutiques”
    The list of those places remains a top secret document !!
    You have to be very special people to have access to the list ,you’ll rarely see a Hollywood star or well known names (artists)on the list.They travel on private jets have their own private limousine chauffeur following them everywhere on the planet, along with one or sometime more body guards,Everythings about them and their lifes are highly guarded secrets.

    Whoever said that she is a lesbian , is full of shit !!

  23. oh, she is a licker all right. look at those ape like lips she has. She could lap up some sweet nectar better then anyone I have seen recently. Is little Barbara a muncher too? Now that would be fun to watch…… a bush licking a cheney and vice versa. go hilly

  24. A lot of it is that so many people are just so undereducated, had basically uneducated or extreme right wing parents so dont have a clue about the culture of faculty etc on the elite colleges. These conservative no nothings actually think that if some is found out to be gay that they or someone like that sweeps them aside and takes their job. Where have you been, didnt you ever read about the liberation movements of the sixties that made it against the law to discriminate in large organizations? Its not like you and your friends working at a hamburger joint who can harass people based on race and sexual orientation. Wow, this country has produced some of the stupidest people possible, they are more like pet rocks with legs.

  25. Let’s face it, there is a lot of gossip about the rich and famous but who will really be privy to what their lives are like? For one, Condaleeza Rice isgood looking, rich, and fashionable while you are most likely poor, fat, and ugly. Condaleeza is very talented and has degrees up the ying yang. while you are semi literate and dull. If you think because you can bounce your ugly body against another ugly body of the opposite sex and that makes you superior to Condi, good luck in all your endeavors. I don’t like the policies she has become involved with, but if she was a college president or dean I’m sure she would be seen as a very pleasant person.

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