Blog party roundup

Well I haven’t written much yet about the blog party in Dublin last Saturday. But many of the others have. Dick has awarded me the yellow jersey for somehow managing not to get drunk after 9 pints of Bulmers. I am not quite sure how I did either, do they water down Bulmers in Dublin or something?

Anyway, many have commented, including Frank, Chris, Bernie, David, Tony, Annette.

It was a great night, many departed sooner than I expected, so it ended up with myself, Dick O’Brien and his lovely new fiance discussing a range of topics, many of which I cannot remember.

It was excellent to meet the real people, and to get the faces behind the words. I wonder how big the blog community will be next July.

3 thoughts on “Blog party roundup”

  1. Forgot to add that one, but you should have called…myself and Dick and his fiance were upstairs till closin.

  2. Indeed i should. Twas a last minute decision – i was there from 6 til 7. After asking a few people if they were you, some guys I asked took pity on me started going round asking for me! And still no luck. I looked upstairs but there was no-one when i came in. Then there were some people later on, which must have been you. Oh well, see you next July maybe.

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