4 thoughts on “Turning the tables on Nigeria's e-mail conmen”

  1. They are an evil little ring of people aren’t they?

    Scamorama has some funny anecdotes and links to actual dialogue between the scammers and people looking to have some fun at their expense. Read a few if you’re looking for a couple of laughs or a reason to shake your head (not that there’s a scarcity of those these days).


  2. The thread on Kevins blog is priceless. Did you see that woman Ruth fretting about the poor spammer’s “humiliation”? after all he’s only a “potential criminal”!

  3. wow….I REALLY hope Ruth was jokin’ around. I sent a sob story email (all untrue) to my scammer where I pretty much pretended that I’m destitute because of hospital bills. Even after I stated that I’m broke and have a dying family member the guy STILL responded back. He doesn’t give a shit. I think it would serve Ruth well to read stories from people who did get scammed.

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