5 thoughts on “Michelle and Stu”

  1. Does she ever! I actually felt a bit sorry for the bloke – he didn’t stand a chance. I do wish he could complete a sentence without stopping for five minutes to think in the middle of it though.

  2. Stop giving Stu and Michelle Blog play! Lets talk about NADIA!!! 🙂 Now there’s a woman that could do with some good lovin but my guess is she’d outdo any BB morning alarm in the process 🙂 If you wanna Blog BB get it bloggin right babeh and get that lipgloss bitch to the TOPPP!!! 🙂

  3. I think that Michelle is actually veryy sad and very insecure. I wish she would leave Stu alone. she is so fake!

  4. Stu could have won had it not been for his relationship with Michelle. He seems totally impetant when they were together in the house and most likely she will continue to dominate him. Pity, he was such a nice guy. Never to late Stu!

  5. I thought that Stu was alright at the start. Cute, sweet, sexy looking.. but my opinion has changed of him since he started seeing Michelle in the house. She has been seen to be a domineering, bossy cow, who, now that the game is all over, will not be able to handle at all well Stu being out on his own, out with friends, or talking to other girls, having a life basically. Why Stu puts up with this sort of behaviour I cannot understand. I wouldn’t have someone telling me what to do and what not to do with my life. Someone I barely knew really, apart from being stuck in a house with her for a few hot/crazy weeks. The one thing I do understand however is that if they both keep some sort of “relationship” going (be it authentic and sincere or a complete scam) to keep the public happy with a fairy tale story then they can make quite a substantial amount of money because hey, they have to face it, they didn’t win Big Brother, might as well take what other offers are being presented!! Both of them are so different with not a lot in common to be honest, you can’t really imagine all of this is for real? It’s as real as the money that sends them off to luxury locations lasts – can’t be that long – who cares anyway now? Stu would be in my better books if he really said what he meant and didn’t hide behind Michelle’s evil rolling eyes and kick-you-in-the-balls-if-you-don’t-do-what-I-say boots.

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