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52 thoughts on “Mongolian names”

  1. I have a question, i have a friend in Mongolie, and want to know the meaning of her name. Her name is Khulan.

  2. I have mongolian friend. Her name is Enkhjargal. I want to know the meaning of this name.

  3. hi,

    we would like to know a meening of Kubilai
    since we are thinking to name our son. would you be able to help us find the exact meaning other than the name of ancestor of Genghis Khan
    I appriciate your help
    Thank you

  4. Hi, I’ve got a mongolian name Sayana, but i dont know what it means/ Does anybody know what is it?

  5. Ok. I’ll translate that names for you.

    Enkhjargal means peace and happiness,
    Sayana means a million (years of joy and pleasure)
    Taishir is a name of beautiful mountain, situated in Central Mongolia

    good day to all,

  6. i was wondering if you could mention any websites where i could find female names with the word “horse” in them. thanks

  7. Hi
    I would like to know a meaning of name “Onon”?
    Does anyone know a meaning of this name?

  8. Hi, Onon is the name of the river in mongolia. that is it, it is a common name for girls, i hope it helps.

  9. Are there any female Mongolian names that begin with the letter “M”?
    Thank you.

  10. In my opinion many many years ago Chingis Khans wife khulan she was living before Prjevalskii diskovered and named that horse!!! So that is not only wild horses name!…

  11. Hi we named our son ILHAN & was told it means the good willed emperor can you pls let me know what it means. thankyou

  12. Hi, I would like to find out some common FEMALE mongolian names. Can you help?
    p.s Is Taishir a girls name? and is Onon a common name?

  13. Hi murat, I don’t know the meaning of Ilhan but i have got some advice. Look in Mongolian name books for the meaning. Also there is some useful sites on the web that give you Mongolian name meanings. Hope this helps

  14. Sorry to bug you guys again. I am just wanting to know a Mongolian surname. It can be any Surname, but i am dieing to know one. Thanks AGAIN

  15. Hello,

    Could you tell me what the name *YULEXUS MEANS. I’ve heard that it could mean “BEYOND THE HORIZON.” Of so, could you possibly tell me how to pronounce the Mongolian word for *HORIZON?

    Doing some research, as I’ve a friend whos middle name is YULEXUS. IF you can help, would be very thankful.(SMILE)! Hope to hear from someone soon.(SMILE)!


  16. To Al:
    Horizon is TENKHLEG in Mongolian (pronounced as tenhleg. Both of E should be called the same and short or no accent).

    To Whom interested in ONON:

    Onon is one of bigger river, where Chinggis Khaan was born, located in Khentii aimag, Eastern Mongolia. This name is common but not so popular, and can be given to both girls and boys. Most famous men named ONON in present days is a Horse Trainer and a Comedy artist. Girls named ONON are relatively younger than males. It means the name have been become popular for girls since the beginning of 80’s.

    KHULAN: Khulan is absolutely wild horse name and it also called Asiatic Wild Ass (Latin: Equus hemionus). In Mongolia, two types of wild horses live. One is KULAN and the other is TAKHI (Przewalski’s Horse in sciences).

    Khulan lives in Southern Gobi desert and looks like Mule (Latin: mulus). All khulan has only color light bay or fawn. They are very strong. Their number is counted just few hundreds in modern days. Mongolians worship both Khulan and Takhi as their spirit of strength.

    The name Khulan is for girls and it sounds very nice and cute. Chinggis khaan’s fourth wife’s name was Khulan, who was famous as honest and clever.

  17. Mongolian girls name started with M are too many. For example: Murun (Big river), Munkhtsetseg, Munkhjargal, Munkhtuya (Eternal Flower, Eternal Happiness, Eternal Ray or Beam, respectively). Myadag – a flower; Mandakh – rise; Mongolmaa – Mongol mother and so on.

    Yulexus doesn’t sound like Mongolian word and remember, Mongolians have no middle name.

  18. Hi. Anu is one of the names of queens in Mongolian history. Ariun means holiness in English.

  19. thanks, Shuree, i have heard of this queen but haven’t been able to find out what her name means…

  20. My name is Selenge, name of the river in north of Outer Mongolia. I like my name very much!

  21. Hi there, I’m trying to retrace my family origins, and am wondering if anyone can help. I was once told that my family name “Lew”, in past times might have been the Mongolian “Lu”. it’s been said that one of my ancestors was a mongolian knight from this place Lu. so far it’s been like looking for a needle in a haystack. a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. thanks, Marlon

  22. Marlon,

    Sorry to say this, I am afraid you are pure chinese!

    There is now Mongolian name for “Lu” or “Lew”

  23. LOL! Hi Bilguun, thanks for the reply. Ehh…i’m just curious as to what your claim is based on. Do you have any suggestions that would helpful in getting more proof? much obliged,

  24. hey Marlon

    Lu or Lew is not Mongolian family name. Any Mongolian or anyone who speaks Mongolian language fluently would tell you that. It is just due to the fact that both Chinese and Mongolian languages are very distinguishably different and in fact in different language groups. To put it simply, you would know that Lopez or Jose is not English name. rite?

    hope that helps tracing your ancestor.

  25. Hello!
    Could you tell me what the ames Ariunjargal and Ariunaa mean. Are those female names??? THX in advance!

  26. My daughter’s name is Sayana. Even though somebody answered the question it’s kind of wrong because in mongolian sayan means million not sayana. There is a mountain named Siyan or Sayan I think that is mentioned in a famous Mongolian poem. But the origin of the name Sayana is indian…and it means intelligent/smart.

  27. Can you tell me what might a female Mongolian name that sounds like “Namuhan” or ” Namuhen” mean? I am not sure of the spelling but this was how it was pronounced by my Mongolian friend.

  28. aaaa actually i would like to know the meaning of tamolin,and we would like to name our daughter. thanks sakhi

  29. Hi ,

    I am 17 , I was born in Ulaanbaatar .
    My parents are alive no more . I was an orphan by age 2 and later adopted by Canadian parents.

    The name on my passport is Nergüi Tsedensodnom. I was told Tsedensodnom was my fathers name, and they used that for my surname because I didn’t have one (?)

    Neither me or my (now) parents know anything about Mongolia. I don’t even know how to pronounce my real name. I go by Nicki because of it.

    If anyone could tell me how to pronounce my name or what it means that would really help me find out more about my heritage.


  30. And my sisters!
    My older sister is named Altantsetseg (Allie, haha)
    and my younger sister Enkhmaa (Emma!)

    thanks thanks thanks thanks

  31. hi nicki! nergui means no-name – “nehr-gwee” — it is a name sometimes given especially to protect children from evil spirits, i think
    altantsetseg = golden flower
    enkhmaa = peaceful mother

    tsedensodnom = i don’t know
    sod = singular, unique
    nom = book


  32. to Ellin: Namuuhan means quetly, softly
    to Rin: Ariun means holiness
    Jargal means happyness…

  33. tsedensodnom – I don’t know what it means but I can tell you for sure it is from Tibaten language, a lot of mongolian peopel have Tibetan names, like some of my relatives. Go find a tibetan, he/she will tell you.

    I am from inner mongolian, and my name is Bayin Chigel, any one can tell me how to spell it correctly? ’cause i really don’t know much about spelling…

    Sorry for hijack this post.

  34. what is the meaning of Hariaka? is it a name of the horse? from ancient mongolian? or maybe haraka or harika? thanks a lot.

  35. Tanan(my name): Mother of Pearl
    Softa: Pearl
    Taishir(my baby brother): big, strong, beautiful mountain
    Buyannemekh: joy;joyful

  36. ariun has several meanings. holy, heavenly, divine, pure, unblemished et cetera.

    @adelle, harika is not a mongolian name. i think it’s arabic. turks also use harika as a name. it means wonder or miracle.

  37. @ Nicki T: mongolians use their father’s name as a surname like arabs. for instance: Muhammad bin(or ibn) Abdullah – Abdullah’s son Muhammad. ibni Sina – Sina’s son. Tsedensodnomyn Nergui – Tsedensodnom’s son Nergui. family names or tribe names were used in mongolia widely till 18th century. in 20th century mongolians started using their father’s names in official uses. that’s why u have your father’s name on your passport. only after 1990s mongolians started to investigate their tribal or family names.

  38. Interesting that there is a river named Gol, because in Turkish the word for lake is “göl.” Could be a loanword from Mongolian, or maybe the other way around, or it could also be coincidence. Harika means “wonderful,” “marvelous” in Turkish but this word is from Arabic. I’ve often seen the name “Jargal” analyzed as meaning “happiness,” but can this word be broken down further, like into jar + gal or something like that? Much as “happy” is composed of {hap} or {happ} which means “luck,” “chance,” + -y = “lucky,” “fortunate,” and is related to “hapless” (unlucky) and “happen” — “it happened to rain that day” = “it chanced to rain that day”

  39. Jar – sixty
    Gal – fire

    Jargal can be happiness AND could be sixty fireflame or sixth flame but most people will automatically get this as happiness

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