Help needed

Two things,

First thanks to Alex over at the Adam Smith Institute for blogrolling me, I shall add a link shortly. I have dropped into them on occassion, their parties always look good.

Second, I purchased a wireless 802.11b/g gateway, and am having difficulty getting onto the Internet through it. I will ask for advice if I can’t get it sorted soon. Anyone have any experience of this?

3 thoughts on “Help needed”

  1. Hi Gavin

    I have one of those (Belkin) and even a tech friend of mine nearly shot himself trying to install it. In the end I spoke to someone in tech support with irishbroadband (my service provider) and he talked us through getting it working. The router tech support were fairly useless. Good luck!!

  2. I have a (plugged in, set up) Airport at home, for several months now, that I cannot make work. I don’t think it’s compatible with Digiweb. For some reason my laptop and computer can see it and “think” they are connected to the internet through it but they aren’t!

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