Russia warns Georgia after threat

In other Georgian news:

Moscow has reacted angrily to a Georgian threat to open fire on ships which “illegally” enter the waters of its breakaway province of Abkhazia. Russia, which has close ties to the Black Sea province, said it would respond to any attack on its citizens with “the necessary rebuff”.

The situation over Abkazia seems much more volatile than Ossetia, despite recent reported skirmishes between Georgian soldiers and South Ossetians. This is more to do with Russian interference, even though Russia is involved in both regions. Abkazia has some valuable Soviet-era airbases, besides all the beach resorts.

With regard to any problems in these regions, suspect Putin/Russian involvement in all cases.

2 thoughts on “Russia warns Georgia after threat”

  1. Too true – Abkhazia has long been a Kremlin target. Russian nationalists ae thought to have interfered as far back as the occupation in August ’92; they thought it a nice way to put some pressure on the Georgians.

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