Haughey and Dingle

Uncle Anthony with another letter in the Irish Times from last Friday:

Madam, – It is grotesque in the extreme that the organisers of Dingle Regatta continue to honour Mr Haughey for his so-called services to the town (The Irish Times, August 26th). During his self-serving career Haughey was a tax cheat; he felt that the heavy burden of funding essential services and development was for the little people.

The monies allocated by Haughey for the development of Dingle came from the pockets of hard-pressed, compliant taxpayers. It is those citizens, who did such great service to the State, who should be honoured in Dingle. – Yours etc.,


One thought on “Haughey and Dingle”

  1. Actually, we are not honouring Mr. Haughey for his services to the town at all. We are doing it because we like him, he’s a friend of ours and he has long been a welcome visitor to our area.

    We’ve done it with our own money, and we’re not bothering anyone. Isnt it great to live in a free country!!

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