William Safire: Those memos are frauds

Dick over at BSD has been covering this story at length, I have been reading all about it, but just don’t feel motivated enough to blog about it. Safire believes the memos to be frauds, though CBS is sticking to their guns. I note the use of the word “bloggers” without the usual paragraph explaining what bloggers are. Mainstream now I guess.

Since the 60 Minutes broadcast, news organizations, conservative critics and bloggers have questioned the authenticity of the documents, pointing to type styles that seem the product of a modern computer rather than a 1970s-era typewriter. Relatives and fellow officers of Killian have also said they doubt the documents are real.

CBS says it stands by its story. The network has not revealed how it obtained the documents.

One thought on “William Safire: Those memos are frauds”

  1. People can believe whatever they wish to, the trut is that you cannot make a conclusion unless there is positive proof either way. The documents could have been typed recently as forgerie, but there is an equal probability that they might have been the originals scanned into a PC at a later date, and the typeface differences and the OER becoming OETR may be a result of the Optical character recognition.

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