Don't mess with the Bushes: Kitty Kelley

Salon do an interview with author Kitty Kelley, among the highlights of her now book, they choose this curious insight into George Bush’s university time from one of his old friends:

But, as one of W’s Yalie frat brothers tells Kelley, it’s not the substance abuse in Bush’s past that’s disturbing, it’s the “lack of substance … Georgie, as we called him, had absolutely no intellectual curiosity about anything. He wasn’t interested in ideas or in books or causes. He didn’t travel; he didn’t read the newspapers; he didn’t watch the news; he didn’t even go to the movies. How anyone got out of Yale without developing some interest in the world besides booze and sports stuns me.” New Yorker writer Brendan Gill recalls roaming the Kennebunkport compound one night while staying there looking for a book to read – the only title he could find was The Fart Book.

It would not surprise me in the least if that were true. And maybe it is.

3 thoughts on “Don't mess with the Bushes: Kitty Kelley”

  1. wow…he REALLY is that bad then??!! here i was, way over here in the UK, across the pond, having being subject to michael moore’s damning farenhiet 9/11, thinking that Goergie W was just the target of propaganda….turns out he really is as fortunate as I thought to have got where he did. Money breeds money they say.

  2. The Fart Book is funny. Or at least it was when I was about 11. Anyway, incuriousness isn’t the same as venality, so the presence of the Fart Book doesn’t vindicate any of Moore’s ‘arguments’.

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