Will Turkey join the EU club?

Katrin Bennhold of the IHT asks if Turkey is set to join. The most important statistic, at least in my opinion:

With 70 million inhabitants, Turkey is already the second-most populous country in the region, behind Germany with 82 million; by 2020, Turkey’s population is projected to reach 85 million, while Germany’s is expected to ease slightly, United Nations forecasts show.

And this will mean:

The question at the heart of Giscard’s argument is this: Even if Turkey is given a date to begin accession talks later this year, how likely would it be that it would win the required unanimous approval from all existing EU members a decade from now, when it would carry the most weight in EU decision making from the start?

6 thoughts on “Will Turkey join the EU club?”

  1. YES !!! Turkey have to join to Europe ! Turkey hopes to join EU Club for 40 years. they should give them a chance.

  2. The idea of the EU from it´s early days was the formation of a Union of coutries which focus on what they have in common, as opposed to their diffences. So far we have accomplished that goal. With Turkey the differences would outweigh the commonalities. Having Turkey join the EU would distroy the idea of what charakterizes Europe, not to mention the fact that Turkey isn´t even a european country geographically.
    I am strongly opposed to the idea that Turkey should join and I have a sense that the majority of europeans agree. I can only hope that politicians will not disregard our opinion.

  3. It can not be thought that Turkey would bring EU misery.EU does not include just only economic factors but also military and cultural institution..Turkey brings EU more than it takes..

  4. Turkey should join to EU after she improves rights of Kurdish and Christian minorities.

  5. turkey is a so developed country that people can choose their religion.the important parts of its population consists of muslums but there arent a legislation about religions. anyone can choose his or her religion.if eu accep turkey into eu turkey will biring lots of advantages to them.turkey has a very young and dinamic population.if europe can hormony turkes population with its power they can do really good things.and it musnt be forgotten it has a really big millitary.and thing proffessors in the world alot of them turkish .turks are really intelligent.

  6. Europe on the official level claims that it’s a pure secular system, however, the European population with all its’ haterade and discrimination aganist other diversties as jews and muslims will never accept Turkey with it’s 70 millions muslim population, even if turkey cut it’s borders and brought it in the heart of europe.

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