Readers may have noticed the lack of posts, well I am on holidays! I hope to get some more posting done soon, I have a list of articles to post about.

I spent the morning watching Fox News, that Hannity guy is such a plonker – and Ann Coulter is pretty hot, even though she’s a plonker too. I think the skill with which Fox have put in the token Democrat speakers is amazing, they put them in to shoot them down and shout over them. Al Franken got it right it seems.

Readers may also have noticed intermittent server outages – this is due to the SQL database that WordPress sits on – the demand is proving too much for it – it just tells me “too many connections”. Ouch. I have ordered a server upgrade. I have surpassed my bandwidth allowance (10GB) for this month so I am now officially paying for every single word you read. I hope y’all appreciate it!






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  1. Peter Nolan avatar

    Hiatus? No, we love you. Come back Gavin…