Dubai aiport terminal 3 collapse

News today of a collapse at the construction site at the new Terminal 3, with a confirmed 5 people killed. Buildings here are usually built at break neck speed, indeed since my first visit in late 2001, I would guess some 30 skyscrapers are built or are under construction, where before there was desert.

The Dubai authorities have closed down many of the roads around Terminal 3, so it would be an issue to get out there for a look.

Dozens of migrant workers die every year out here, thanks to lack of labour laws, working in extremely hot conditions, and general exhaustion. The men killed were most probably very low-paid Indian or Pakistani workers.

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  1. Not lack of labour laws, Gulf countries typically have employment and health & safety legislation on their books comparable to European countries. The problem is they are widely ignored by employers and unenforced by the authorities.

  2. In Dubai It is Mandatory for the Construct to have the reinforecment and shutterin checked by the Dubai Muunicipality.On many occasions the municipality engineer sips cofee durin his check and approves of the work sittin it the airconditioned compfort of the CContractor. and normally approves the work if it is a reputed Class I Contractor…

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