Hammer dissing Eminem?

Tues. Oct. 5, 2004


OK, now MC Hammer is coming back dissing, huh? We aren’t sure why because we don’t have all the facts. Seems like the Cali Dance Don is coming back for some harsh words for Eminem. The word is, he is for unknown reasons (do random lyrical disses really count?). Hammer has refused to fully own up to who it is that will feel the wrath, but he’s hinted that Em will be his next victim in a few interviews Remember what Outkast said, “Run up on Hammer…â€? You should know the rest.

You know Janet has had a rough year and a certain rapper is going to make it rougher. We don’t mean J.D. either. Now we can’t really say – sorry! But we can say that we will give you more information in the new future. This is a doozie too Janet – we’re sorry to add to the stress of being a Jackson. If you weren’t hemmed up with a famous mogul, we’d hold our pen! We kow we should just air it out, but we have to hold it down ‘til the time is right!

Source Awards are on the way, Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Wonder whats going to happen. If you in the Miami area, let us know whats going on so we can get it crunk like a 80’s 2 Live Crew song!