Server bill

Ouch. Server bill arrived recently – a grand total of 80 euros for the month of September. That’s what I get for posting big jpegs, having a high rank with Yahoo, and linking to some controversial videos. Mind you 16Gb of bandwidth was used, through 100,000 visits in 4 weeks. And the debate still rages at 481 comments (but mostly fundamentalist Christians versus one Muslim)

Now I have to get back into the blogging addictio…I mean habit.

3 thoughts on “Server bill”

  1. And it will be even higher when everyone rewires their RSS feeds to you because you’re serving all those images over syndicators which will add their part to your host’s revenue stream. Adsense should be able to pay your hosting costs because $100 from 100,000 real eyeballs isn’t difficult to achieve, providing most of those originate from search engine requests.

  2. Erm…that’s huge for only 16gb of traffic.

    I read your blog daily and I can certainly offer you that kind of traffic for much, much less. I can give you details of the blogs I host, server specs etc.

    Sorry to leave this in your comments, but I couldn’t find a contact email.

    If you’re interested drop me a mail –

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