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  1. I never bother with these videos, but I’d miss your postings, although I’dlike to have a lot more debating in your comments fields.

    Put some ads up from google and start a few controversies in your comments. Nothing builds traffic like arguments…

  2. nooooooooooo you cant go…. well i can’t really say that since i hardly visit this site but im here now… so it must be worth looking at…and it is.

  3. *Nothing builds traffic like arguments…*

    I guess it’s true…but sometimes arguments can turn into real struggles, particularly whe, ppl come to talk about Eminem lol

  4. I know exactly how you feel: I get this way sometimes – especially when I ponder the deleterious effect blogging has on my productivity – but you will only regret it if you close the site down. If you still feel blogged out next week, just take a break or, in my ugly coinage, a “sabloggattical” Come back in a week, a few weeks or so and see if you feel like resuming…

  5. I will do my best to keep on posting as much as possible.
    Take a little time to rest, Gavin, if you need to.
    Much love,


  6. OY, GAVIN, NO!
    I read a rather profound statement recently which encapsultates
    the current difficulty you are faced with……………
    ‘I have never regretted my silence, but my words’
    Everyone is right, DON’T GO GAVIN, too many people will loose the
    will to blog on!!
    Take a break, have a hairdo, maybe catch a sunset or enjoy a few
    flaggons of beer, but above all……..DON’T LEAVE US GAVIN.
    I couldn’t get through a day with out my slice of blog!
    Tell me you won’t do it!!!!
    ………………Will you marry me?!
    OK, that’s not enough reason to continue, rather one to stop, but
    you have to appreciate the lengths I am willing to go to!!!!!!!

  7. gavin i came 2 ur site a couple of dayz ago and im hooked sooooooooo ppppppppplllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dont stop bloggin

  8. i reckon dat evry1 on this site shud just chat coz sum of uz (at least the onez dat like eminem )have got summat 2 chat about

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