Bush's Bulge

So even Kevin Drum is suspicious about the now infamous bulge in President Bush’s back. I have to say I am pretty convinced after looking at these photos. The question is, what they hell is it? And will we be seeing more of it in the future?

The Register meanwhile suspects foul play with a wireless network. Is it a prompting device, that I really could have used for my Leaving Cert exam? Is it a medical device? Back brace? Bullet-proof vest?

The Whitehouse flatly denying it really doesn’t wash with me.

7 thoughts on “Bush's Bulge”

  1. theregister link not working… Conspiracy theorists, ahoy!

    I can’t give much credence to the bullet-proof vest theory – he never wears one when out and about at rallies, why would he do it in a far more closely-guarded arena?

    He’s a dunce., and he’s used audio prompters before. No doubt in my mind he’s used one during the debates.

  2. Heh – aside from the absolutely bizarre photo of the President’s tailor (last photo on the bottom of the page) I think the pics are interesting but don’t really convince me either way.

    I do think though, that the bulge is Bush’s battery pack.

  3. I would imagine that Jim Henson wants to retain absoltue control
    now that animal is back in his cage, hence the connundrum of the
    bulge which has become apparent over the course of this campaign.
    Having said that, Bush is getting on a bit, maybe it’s a surgical
    girdle…………….No? Ok, perhaps an rememant of the equipment
    required for enlogated traction????????????????
    Any medics out there care to comment?

  4. Miaow……! After all that, it appears I cannot spell! Anyone
    out there swallow a dictionary recently? Can they help me out??

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