The Bush crash (freestyle, by me)

How many people will stay in their ignorant blindness and madness
Supporting a man like Bush who should have landed earlier in the trash
I wish he was the victim of a plane crash…
Open your eyes, it’s been a long time
This fucking government is spreading a bunch of lies
It is obvious, Bush wants more cash
He allowed destruction, tower by tower, just for more power!
He helped Ossama Ben Laden to fabricate America’s iron maiden
Call me a stranger (yea, I’m European)
but acknowledge that he was like the arranger of this tragical symphony
To the cynics, go study some more geopolitics,
let me tell you that the whole world is concerned
We have the right to refuse America being governed by a bunch of nerds
We don’t need no suture, together we wanna build a brighter future.
No more war, a rapid return of the troops and Bush closing door
After getting bashed in Encore.
On September the 11th, Bush should have died in the White House with his spouse
We don’t want to see such drama anymore.
The world is ready for a change,
spread it on every radio station from nation to nation
Shady’s army will cause Bush’s castration and cremation
To the whole while world his government is an aberration
Mr President, you should resume and be ready for an abrogation
For America’s salvation. Kids don’t wanna die,
They don’t want a world of desperation!
Man your time is out you’ve been trashed and slashed!