Posting (again)

You might have noticed posting has been very light, and I’ve changed the permissions on several parts of the site. This is due to the fact that its the 26th of October and I’ve already surpassed my 15GB a month bandwidth limit. Webalizer is showing 70,000 visits in 350,000 hits, Sitemeter is showing 40,000 visits in 60,000 page views.

I’ve been trying to track why there has been a recent and sudden upsurge in visitors – and I can’t figure it out. It is not related to any specific post. Nonetheless I am seekin a new host – with a higher allowance of up to 25GB a month. Somehow a site of mostly text is chewing through about 600Mb a day, I may be the victim of referral spam. I will have to take a closer look at the raw logs.

Anyways things will get back to normal closer to the US elections.

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  1. Gavin: the pen image at the top is just over 5 KB. At 350,000 hits and at 1024 KB in an MB – you get 1.7 GB of transfer JUST for the image. I know it’s sucky – but it might help you save a little by getting rid of that image at the top. That’s what I would do…..


  2. I actually did strip down alot of the stuff – but the 5kb image is nothing compared to the eminem archive – now at 2mb of text, or all the jpegs at around 200kb each – being viewed dozens of times a day.

    But cheers for the tip.

  3. Your raw logs should tell you the actual visits to the front page of the site. If that number is less than 30% of the total page views shown by a daily sitemeter reading, you have some other process generating excess traffic. It’s fair to assume that search engine traffic generates more than 50% of your traffic. Your raw logs could show the search engine traffic is referrer spam traffic not content traffic. You’ll know by looking at the referrer strings.

  4. It may be my fault. I posted about an old post which had emineire.mp3 on it on my website and other places.

    I have put the MP3 on my own server now so it may ease pressue on your server now.


    – Sully

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