Still here

Still here, up late. I was just checking my referrals and it turns out I’ve been ranked in at 216th, of the blogospheres most visited weblogs. Who’d have thought it?

A few things. The server is groaning under the bandwidth, I will be looking into a new one shortly. My computer is groaning like it shouldn’t be, I will have to get onto Dell because the hard drive is making all kinds of strange noises, and sounds like it might die. Comment spam has increased dramatically recently, I got hit with 900 spam comments in under a day. That brings it up to almost 2000 this week. WordPress checks for number of links in the comment, and for keywords, and if the comment fails, it is put into moderation – where I delete it. MT-Blacklist was so much better though, I will have to find a better way of fighting spam on WordPress.

Happy Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Still here”

  1. You have mentioned several compelling reasons to seriously explore Typepad. You’d save a bundle of money, loads of time, and reduce your burdens all around. On several days in the run-up to the US election, I’m handled more than 10,000 visitors a day. Six Apart aren’t billing me for shooting through their bandwidth limits. Comment spammers are a non-event based on a combination of system blocks and personal blocks.

    And the best part of the hosted solution is you can actually read stuff instead of weeding crap.

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