Alas! Four more years…

In reaction to President Bush’s reelection.

Before introducing you into my subject, I would like to give some precisions to my readers, before I get misquoted and before some of you prompt to post some negative feedback.

– I’m talking as a citizen of the world, not as a French citizen. I never stated and will never state that I agree with French leaders’ policy. Being against George Bush doesn’t mean that I do support Jacques Chirac.

-My position against Bush is in no way anti-American. I happen to love America very much and to be in touch with many American citizens.

But to me, it is high time to stand up and to express my anger against somebody who wants to « save the world » against an « evil nation » called Iraq. Bush will pursue his bloody Iraqi war.

I felt very disappointed when I discovered that Bush had won the elections. Not only because of the results, but rather because I perfectly knew that so many privileged conservative people had voted « republican ».In the middle of the American elections, I had read some rather scary comments coming from American citizens on some message boards, revealing the reasons of their choice in favor of Bush.

For instance, some young girl stated:

« I have voted for Bush because he is against abortion. »

Really? Because he is anti abortion, is that argument sufficient to reelect a leader for 4 more years?

Then, young lady, you must lack a clear vision of Mr Bush’s global policy!

I don’t claim to know each detail of Bush’s policy or program, but I can judge about the results and consequences of his policy inside of America and for the whole world.

Why don’t people envision that Bush is guilty of the drama of September the 11th?

Bush’s partnership with Ossama Ben Laden was all about money and many people had to support the consequences of this « evil business ». Many people seem to forget about it so easily.

Some other young people stated that they simply had to vote for America’s worst dictator- because their family wanted them to do so. Is there anything more stupid than such behavior?

I am disappointed about Bush’s reelection and scared for the future of our planet. I’m also disgusted to hear some blinded Republicans scream : « Four More Years » and acclaim President Bush.

A President who is decided to maintain a great majority of citizens in a blinded ignorance of Islamic culture, making them believe that each Muslim is a terrorist and a dangerous man.

A President who doesn’t hesitate to claim that Iraq is a threat to the world and that its territory is full of chemical weapons- which could be verified as untrue- just to satisfy his hegemony will.

A President who builds his force on « psychological warfare » (as truly expressed in Eminem’s song and video Mosh).

How many young lives will be taken on both sides within the four next years?

A President who sets up some eviction laws for people who are under debt, which will kick poor people out of their homes easily.

In the meantime, Mr President and his wife are living a comfortable and secure life at the White House while young breaths are taken away and many civilians in the world will die because of a growing Al Quaeda terrorism…

God have mercy on us!