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  1. I’ve one: could you open your stylesheet (/wordpress/wp-layout.css) and go to the rule marked “p, li, .feedback“, and remove the line that says “letter-spacing: -1px“. The close kerning is a little hard on the eyes.

  2. Hello Gavin, glad you got rid of that pointy pen. Hope you find something a bit more peppy and less subdued that this. Your original blue was cheery. At least this comments box is larger and easier to use. Since journalism is your profession, maybe you ought to have something custom made to give you a trademark. Something a bit different – maybe like the World Gazette http://www.worldstargazette.com/- or other group blogs so in time to come you could expand and have co-authors. Just a suggestion – take it with a pinch of salt – I expect whatever you settle on, we’ll get used to it.

  3. Sorry, the link did not work: http://www.worldstargazette.com/

    btw have you tried beta Flickr for posting photos? It really is wonderful – and so easy to use – you can email pics direct to your blog, it automatically sizes them into thumbnail, medium or quite large. Flickr has great features and potential — and is still free of charge.

  4. Hello Gavin, I see you have discarded the subdued template and gone back to the template with the pen – except the pen has gone (good). This layout is very quick and easy to read – but nothing about it stamps a personal style. How about for the time being posting your picture somewhere – and something scenic from Ireland – and changing the red font to blue (or even green) – red reminds me of a Labour MPs blog and doesn’t seem modern enough to suit your age. Maybe you are really 52 and just posted a picture from 30 years ago. Heh.

  5. Hey, I’ve just had a great idea. You could get a cat. And do some catblogging. And post pictures of Irish cats where your pen used to be 🙂

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