Microsoft seeks top search spot

On the same day that MSN launches its new MSN search engine…

In a statement Microsoft said its search engine returned results from five billion web pages. At the time of writing, Google was only indexing 4,285,199,774 web pages.

As well as a large number of pages, the Microsoft search engine, which operates under the MSN banner, also includes a number of features that have already been seen on other search sites.

…Google double their search index to over 8 billion pages….

Today that number nearly doubled to more than 8 billion pages. That made me smile.

Interesting PR at work here.

One thought on “Microsoft seeks top search spot”

  1. Funny thing about it is that for the last few days while it was in beta, you could search “lick my hairy beanbag microsoft!” and it would return as its first result.

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