Russian warns of Abkhazia intent

More ructions in one of Georgia’s breakaway regions :

Russia may intervene in Georgia’s breakaway province of Abkhazia to protect its interests there, if a post- election crisis escalates further.

In response, Georgia has called on the international community to protect the country’s sovereignty.

A decade-long row between Georgia and Russia over Abkhazia is getting worse.

One person is reported to have died in clashes on Friday between government and opposition supporters in the Abkhaz regional capital Sukhumi.

Moscow has accused the opposition in Abkhazia of attempting to overthrow the Russian-backed government and has pledged to intervene if the crisis isn’t resolved.

Georgia has responded angrily, accusing Moscow of violating Georgia’s sovereignty with unacceptable statements.

The dispute follows Friday’s rally, during which supporters of the Abkhaz opposition leader, Sergey Bagapsh, stormed government buildings in Sukhumi.

They later agreed to give control of the buildings back to state security.

But Moscow said it holds the opposition fully responsible for the crisis.