Relative responds to Reville

Uncle Anthony at it again, this time in response to William Reville article posted below.

Madam, – In his attempt to reconcile science and religion Prof William Reville reduces Christianity to the all-encompassing formula, “Love God, love your neighbour, forgive your enemy and take responsibility for your actions” (Science Today, November 25th). With the omission of God, this formula reflects a humanist philosophy that all reasonable people would agree with.

Unfortunately, it is the human capacity to invent gods and organise religions around them that causes so many problems for humanity.

Compulsory adherence to rituals and rules, on pain of punishment, including everlasting damnation, the wholesale indoctrination of children into the beliefs of whatever religion they happen to be born into and the extremes of war and terrorism based on religious fanaticism are just some of the serious consequences arising from religious belief. Give me the solace of secular humanism any day. – Yours, etc.,


I agree.

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  1. Gavin, recently I saw something that said “atheists are obsessed with God”. Made me smile because all of the atheists I’ve ever known were definitely obssessed about God and religion. Their discussions inevitably got intense and heated whilst arguing that God doesn’t exist (how do they know I ask myself). The Bible says seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened. If atheists keep on obssessing and discussing they might end up seeing the light and convert themselves!

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