Irish Bloggers Xmas Bash?

Back in July many Irish bloggers gathered in the Market Bar in Dublin for a few pints and some beer. And some more beer.

The two stragglers – myself and Dick O’Brien drunkenly agreed that Irish blog events should happen on a bi-annual basis. The time is fast approaching for another Irish blog event – and while it is short notice I am suggesting Saturday December 18th as a date for Irish blogger Christmas drunkeness.

Of course I could end up drinking on my own for this one – all interested bloggers (and readers) drop me a line or leave a comment.

12 thoughts on “Irish Bloggers Xmas Bash?”

  1. Hi Gavin – I will be in New York on 18th December meeting up with a bunch of American Bloggers on the same night…maybe we can web conference the antics!

  2. All my family and friends events are typically in Dublin, but there’s a pile of work-related functions in London that can’t really be skipped – compulsory fun and all that. This time of year, I’m left with only the early hours of the morning to myself, unless I get lucky.

  3. I’m hopefully taking the girl to Dublin for a few days around that time, will endeavour to look in and say hello. Will I know ye by the laptops on the table? The pints of fresh orange and lemonade? The loud chat of Saakashvili and Dawkins?

  4. Sat 18th is a probable last minute Christmas shopping opportunity for me so it’s a possible, although Dublin is probably going to be DuBedlam until Christmas…

  5. Twill be busy, but sure better atmosphere I guess –

    Could everyone spread the word – im suggestin Market Bar 8pm, but i be there earlier like last time

  6. Would love to come once more, but will be in Budapest until the 20th. An alternative date might be a weekday between Christmas and New Year when things are generally dull and clashing engagements few.

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