New PC

My 4 year old Gateway is finally seeing its final days. It will shortly be broken up, and the best bits sold off. A PIII 500 with 288Mb of RAM and a quaint 6.8Gb hard drive. All praise to Gateway – not once in 4 years did it give a problem. Not once.

My new Dell will arrive next week. 4 years on and the PC hardware has changed substantially. This time its a:

Pentium 4 3.0Ghz
1024Mb DDR2 RAM
160Gb 7200rpm Hard drive
128Mb ATI Radeon X300SE (PCI Express x16)
16x DVD+-R/RW
48x CDRW

It should meet the minimum requirements for Doom 3, hopefully. Many nights will be spent on America’s Army and Half Life 2.

2 thoughts on “New PC”

  1. I just replaced my 4 year old (10gbs) with a new Gateway Computer,
    a great computer, but support sucks!!!!Had it since July and the support, ( I paid for extended support)sucks. I get sent from pillar to post and Microsoft or their other $2.95 a minute support site. I never have find a tech that can even get the point of my problem.I have gone from a staunch supporter of Gateway to actively urging people to stay away!!! Sad as my first experience with them so good and feel I have been hung out to dry.

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