Praise indeed

Jaysus there are alot more Irish bloggers out there than I thought – and they all manage to remain fairly hidden because they don’t seem to link to the rest of the Irish ones. Alot of us do use Technorati – it is now a much more reliable service than it used to be. So if you are an Irish blogger – let us all know you exist by linking to us. The Irish blogging community will continue to grow, god knows how many there will be this time next year.

And I really didn’t expect this kind of comment. I am not that big a celebrity am I? LOL.

6 thoughts on “Praise indeed”

  1. Irish bloggers may not link to each other much, but there have actually been quite a few Dublin livejournal meet-ups – complete with nametags! Of course, LJ fosters direct communication more than a lot of other blogging software.

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