Poland chases after Ireland's pot of gold

Kevin Cullen in the IHT writes about Poland, and their aspirations to copy Ireland’s success. Among some of the similarities between Poland and Ireland:

Patrycjusz Sliwinski, 23, who proudly explained that he was named after Ireland’s patron saint, is writing his University of Wroclaw master’s thesis on Oscar Wilde. He became an Hibernophile by reading Irish history. “Basically, the Irish got screwed, like us, by a bigger neighbor,” he said.


One thought on “Poland chases after Ireland's pot of gold”

  1. Hi. When I came to Poland a few years ago there was lots of talk about Poland and Ireland – catholic, rural, developing, EU, etc. And Poles relate to Irish becuase of this. But one difference that is impossible to ignore is that Poland was a communist country. and now it ain’t. That is a big difference for things like the abortion issue. Abortion was legal in Poland until only a few years ago. In communist times it was more popular than in the west. And then it was made illegal.

    Ypu may like to read my blog, the beatroot, for mainly political stuff about the country.

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