EU signals movement on China arms ban

It is looking like by early next year the EU will have lifted arms sanctions with China, imposed after Tiananmen. France seems to be the major proponent of lifting the ban. A code is being considered:

The EU is drawing up a tighter code of conduct, which Europeans believe will be enough to govern arms sales after the ban is lifted.

Negotiations over the code of conduct are a current source of tension between EU capitals, and its completion is seen as a prerequisite for the ending of the arms embargo. Current rules allow some military sales: In 2002, the EU exported $280 million in arms to China, with France making up half the total. The new code could be agreed next month, diplomats said.

Jan Peter Balkenende, the Dutch prime minister, said: “Within the EU there is a willingness toward lifting the arms embargo.”

However, this would only come after “certain adjustments to the EU code of conduct on arms exports,” said Balkenende, the acting EU president.

Code of conduct my ass. Is it not clear to everyone that the Chinese authorities will do what they like? I mean how likely is that the situation will get better after the ban is lifted? Or is it more likely the situation will get worse?






5 responses to “EU signals movement on China arms ban”

  1. niall avatar

    Better to arm them openly, rather than surreptitiously??

  2. am avatar

    If Europe doesn’t arm China, China will arm China. It has the fastest growing economy in the world and is quickly catching up to the West. Europe is just trying to sell it weapons and make a profit before they become self-reliant.

  3. Conor avatar

    I don’t think the EU should sell weapons to China but every country especially America relies on China for cheap consumergoods so it won’t make much of a difference despite Chinas appaling human rights record.

  4. Tony Allwright avatar

    If you love lethal Chinese dictatorships responsible for the mass-murder of 35-65 million people, then sell them guns so they can continue doing what they do best.

    That’s what tyrant-lover Mr Chirac likes, and he’s evidently persuaded his perfidious EU partners to go along with him.

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