Xmas party on 18th?

Input has been varied, with a number of people engaged on the 18th. There has been some suggestions of a party between Christmas Day and New Years – a difficult one for me since I have a relative’s wedding to attend in Cork.

I suggest two parties, one on the 18th, another on a date to be decided.

I really need an idea of how many are willing to attend on the 18th of December, Market Bar, Dublin, around 7pm – till late.

All takers can leave a comment or drop me a mail – gavin at gavinsblog dot com.

I will publish a list of attendees with their permission. A small gathering is likely given the proximity to Christmas, but I am sure we can make up for it with alot of booze.

8 thoughts on “Xmas party on 18th?”

  1. I have a prior commitment on the 18th and with the season thats in it I can’t really cancel. However I would dearly like to attend at a later date before New Year and will make special effort to make any date suggested.

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