7 thoughts on “MT 3.14”

  1. Hi Gavin love your Blog and usually enjoy it but unfortunately today you might as well be writing in Japanese as I have not got a Bull about what this post means. Looking forward to more ordinary topics.

  2. Niall, unfortunately I have been spending way too much time reading blogs, and have been neglecting poor Caesar. I have since taken to the Iliad, which I hope to blog a bit about as I go along. Don’t hold me to that though. Rosario cheers, its just blog software stuff, I’ll try and post something more interesting later!

  3. I am having a look, I really miss some of the features (like trackback that works) in MT. I, unlike many people it seems, successfully exported my wordpress archives into a format that MT import understands. This means I can switch between the two as I please – for the current releases anyway. Now that MT has dynamic updating I will consider it, the original reason for my move to wordpress was that rebuilds of posts in MT were becoming increasingly slow, and timing out my server.

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