Speculation on Condi Rices' sexuality

Late last year I wrote a post about rumours circulating concerning Condi Rices’ sexuality. Some more people recently added comments including:

Condoleeza has a wife in the D.C. area and used to roll with Anita Hill in lesbian haunts.

Comment by Anonymous

Everyone knows that Condoleeza Rice is into girls she is a devout lesbian. Isn’t it hypocritaical that Cheney’s allegience is to Bush and not his family (lesbian daughter Mary) and Condi’s allegiance is to Bush (literally) when Condi is out of town she’s into pussy. Also Barbara Bush (jr) gw’s daughter is into girls as well…oh my!!!

Comment by whitehouse aid

Barbara Boxer and Howard Dean are the guts of the democratic party now, none of the rest to include Kennedy or Kerry make too many waves anymore I’m so dissappointed! well at least Kerry disapproved of Rice….but seems most of the democrats now are all milktoast

Comment by observer

Not that there is anything wrong with being a lesbian.

6 thoughts on “Speculation on Condi Rices' sexuality”

  1. so a handful of anon comments on a blog confirm a rumour? well, if it’s on the internet, then it must be true, i guess

    how does your theory cope with the reported comment in which she referred to dubya as her husband?

  2. Its not a theory as such – its just a rumour. I am not saying its confirmed either. Nor am I saying its true. I read the husband quote – it was obviously just a slip of the tongue.

  3. It’s not really a rumor, but in this day and age, shouldn’t a person’s job performance count more than how they get physical satisfaction? Condi is a gyrl, but the thing about outing is more likely that her ‘wyfe’ is a blonde staffer on the Hill which is probably just going to create useless noise in the press; interracial blah-blah. Let a capable woman do her job!

  4. Oh how we are a changing

    Once upon a time in the land of Rule Brittania certain gentlemen working within this powerful government were Gay and because of the way the country perceived Homosexuality they were open to scandal and were blackmailed into becoming spies. Now people from the highest ranks in the land can be whoever and whatever they wish with out the stigma associated with being Gay or having children out of wedlock or living together unmarried.
    and all this happened within the short space of half a century.
    We live in interesting times, so what next?

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