New theme

I am still debating an upgrade to WordPress 1.5 BETA, and will be using Tom’s advice on the issue. I have also stolen his CSS 🙂






6 responses to “New theme”

  1. Tom Raftery avatar

    Well, it’s not really my CSS – the theme was downloaded from and I had help from FrankP in sorting out a couple of the issues I had with the CSS.

    Thanks though, I’m suitably flattered.


  2. Gavin avatar

    I’ve slightly modified it myself..but you did point me in the right direction!

  3. Keith avatar

    Schweet! Kudos to FrankP, too!

  4. Treasa avatar

    very nice…

  5. Caoimhe avatar

    Yep, I prefer it also…:o)

  6. mish avatar

    not too shabby Gav, good work 🙂