Fanning on blogs

Karlin did a quite a long stint this week on Dave Fanning’s show talking about blogs. The show will be available to listen to later this evening. Lots of plugs in there, and some names, including Maura McHugh, from the Irish blogosphere were on to talk about it. Good stuff.

PS – at least 3 people came to this blog after searching for ‘irish blogs’ on Google. One was in EST, two were in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “Fanning on blogs”

  1. It wasn’t a bad piece, in a very overviewy way – and will certainly do a lot to increase awareness of blogs however, there was no depth, at all to the piece.

    Maybe this wasn’t the forum for that! But I’d like to have heard mention of the increasing mainstreaming of blogs (i.e. how large companies are now starting to use them as a means of client communication and take advantage of the SEO advantages they bring).

  2. I think that would have all gone over Fannings head, I think what was done fitted in with the style and humour of the show. If it went any deeper it would be better put on a different show, like PK or VB.

  3. I didn’t hear the piece, but it must have generated a lot of traffic. We had a few google referrers too with ‘Irish blogs’, more than any other search for the day I think.

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