Titan Wars

The above photograph was taken by the first Earthlings to visit Titan after the recent catastrophic nuclear war. As we now know there were no survivors of the horrific conflict. The age old and proud Titan civilization is no more.

At centre left can be seen the ground zero impact point, this had such a devastating affect that it wiped out nearly all signs of the once great Titan capital city of Titanville. Some of the signs that remain include the main highway from the West. (Right of picture). At centre left the remains of the ancient wall that was critical in repelling the invasion of the hated Borg. The remains of the harbour wall can be observed just in front of ground zero. The harbour that once afforded safe anchorage to the great Titan navy, principally responsible for the creation of the all powerful Titan Empire. Ironically, the only building that is in any way recognizable is the Senate house where the decision to go to war was made. (Above the harbour and to the right of ground zero).

Nobody knows exactly what triggered the conflict. However, last year a major study by Earth scientists concluded that although the Titans were well advanced technologically, their intelligence capability had not evolved enough to allow them to see that their focus on short term self-interest could be fatal to their long-term survival.

Anthony Sheridan

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