Nokia 6630

My Nokia 7210 is starting to show its age. Some of the buttons are not working properly, the connection port at the bottom is pretty messed up meaning the FM radio doesn’t work since it needs the headphones attached. I need a new phone. So what to get?

I have had my eye on the Nokia 6630 for some time, and am considering a contract-less, SIM free purchase. The only issue I can see with it is that it requires Dual Voltage Reduced Size Multimedia Cards (DV RS-MMC). This is different from your standard RS-MMC, and higher-end memory cards appear to be in short supply. I could only find 128mb ones. Though 256Mb and 512Mb ones are due anytime. I guess Nokia could have put an FM Radio on the 6630 too, but didn’t bother.

I note the comments over here recently. I don’t have a vast music collection, but what has put me off getting an iPod is the size, I don’t really need gigs of space. 512-1Gb would be fine with me, and if I can do that through a phone all the better.

I note also that James Corbett has a 6630, and says that bigger memory cards are in the pipeline.

Any advice on a new phone? I am a Nokia person, but could be persuaded by Sony Ericsson. I don’t like clam shell phones. At all.






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    The Fonedoc (in West Meath) is selling 128Mb RS-DV-MMCs for EUR 34.99 and have the 256Mb cards in stock for EUR 108.95.

    The first mobile I had was an Ericsson flip phone but I have to say that I’m a now a definite Nokia convert. My sister recently got a very nice Sony Ericsson camera phone but I still find the menu system on it much more complicated than it needs to be.

    Overall I’m very happy with the 6630, although there have been some issues with the 3G. Still, when it works (most of the time) its great. I had to travel to Cork yesterday and went online 3 times from my latop via the 6630. I haven’t used Wifi yet but don’t see any reason to with 3G.