Data retention imposed

This one slipped under the radar, though the Examiner did report on it last week. This has been Karlin’s baby since it started, and she copies her story in the Irish Times to her blog.

The full piece of legislation can be read here.(PDF)

Hands up who thinks sweeping data retention such as this is a bad idea.







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  1. John McCormac avatar

    Ironic that Privacy International covered the story before the Irish mainstream media. They had a good analysis of the situation in February and even quoted Karlin’s earlier FOI request. Compared to what I’ve read so far in the Irish media, PI’s analysis of the situation seems to be the best.

    Most people seem to be unaware of what this amendment is. Far from it being sweeping data retention, it is putting data retention on a firmer legal basis than it was.

    The reality is that most telcos use call data analysis for developing tariffs already and would have years worth of data for this kind of analysis. It applies directly to call data rather than to the calls.

    The strange thing is that there are some people out there who are still naive enough to think that there is still such a thing as electronic privacy.

  2. Tom Raftery avatar

    You can’t see me now – but my hand is up!

  3. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    Thanks for that John!