Nokia 6630 review

Well this won’t be a full review, just some thoughts on the phone. My 6630 is an Arab import, so the keypad is in two languages, and the actual phone software can be switched to Arabic, always fun sending Arabic texts that make absolutely no sense to people.

The good thing about having an import is that I am not tied down to a contract, or any particular provider. I am currently using a pasy as you go SIM with Vodafone. This means I can’t use the phones 3G features, but Vodafone are expected to launch pay as you go 3G later this year. To be honest I didn’t really get it for the 3G features (besides fast data access on a new laptop), what I wanted it for was a good quality digital camera, the ability to play MP3s or AAC files, and a handy way to blog on the go. The added benefit of expanding to higher MMC cards like a 512Mb in the future is also good, allowing me to store files, songs and pictures together. I haven’t tried the Bluetooth yet, but I am sure it works.

The sound quality is excellent, as are the built in speakers. The menu is easy to use, the keypad is probably the best keypad I have ever used for texting on any phone. It is sturdy, well built, and is the right size for me.

I am still in the early stages of experimenting with installing software and such things, but overall the phone is quick, functional, intuitive and definately worth the money. Buying it on its own in Ireland will set you back €500, I managed to pick it up thanks to a weak Dirham for €380.

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