4 thoughts on “Pope John Paul II”

  1. I think the obituary is wrong in a couple of places. Discussing the evolution of modern Poland after the fall of communism, the writers say he could not restore the theocracy of which he might have dreamed”. On what do they base that belief that the Pope would have wanted a theocracy?

    From what I’ve read of him, he wouldn’t have wanted any such thing. That doesn’t mean he was not disappointed that so many Poles chose the errant path so many westerners had chosen to exercise their freedom – rampant “me-ism”. The “if it feels good, do it” mentality. That the Pope over-estimated his fellow Pole’s desire to embrace a more disciplined freedom (much as De Valera had done 45 years ealier) is not the same as wanting a theocracy.

    I also think the Pope was very disappointed with the American Church, but not necessarily because the US was a degenerate society. Certainly he would have rejected much of American popular (coastal) culture, but he would equally have compared the Catholic Church’s failure with the success of the evangelical Protestant movement. The Church’s failure in Europe had no rival religion by which to compare it, but in the US he could see a vibrant religious movement attracting adherents and expanding throughout Latin America & elsewhere. He would rightly have wondered why the US Catholic Church wasn’t having that success.

    I’ve read in many places that the Pope condemned the US & UK for the war in 2003, but I haven’t ever seen the exact quote from him. I’ve seen much from people in the Vatican, but not from the Pope. I might have missed it, however.

    Interesting that one of the writers of this obituary has been dead for 11 years.

  2. Damn the pope is now in the ground. Back from where he came which is no where because evolution shows we are biological beings.

  3. the pope is a bastard under god i dipose him. he says he speak for our lord jesus christ and our only true god. you might think me crazy by my first sentence, but i am a good christen who listen to bands like venom and slayer so i’m just fucked up haha! the pope was a bitch and false how can you first on the damn the pope if you are a cocksucker who does not support the cause. anyone that doesn’t denounce the pope for his own (all popes fall under his category) should be drag out into the street and shot. if jesus wanted us to follow one of his betrayor he would have told us so. fight for you lord and savoir and known the true enemy

  4. I think that the pope is a stupid, lifeless fool – for one thing, he is basically pricking holes in Africa’s condoms for the sakes of “Tradition” making it even more likely that the nation will die out from AIDs; he says that “the spread of HIV and Aids in Africa should be tackled through fidelity and abstinence and not by condoms” – what a twat. From this I think we can see he doesn’t care about the people in Africa who are dying of HIV/AIDs as they are obviously not all as self-controlled as he is (to the point of denying natural qualities of life) and need the condoms to prevent the destruction of many parts of Africa as a result of this disease. Finally, why deny yourself basic pleasure in life? (when it can be made safe if necessary) as he says they should do – I think that by doing this you are pretty much much destroying one of the beauties and delicacies of life. Almost denying yourself life…Why?….

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