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Well I have finally returned to the County. I have yet to watch the stint of me or my fellow bloggers on TV, but judging by the reactions around the Irish blogosphere, most are happy with our performance. I actually managed to surprise myself, whether it was the company or the pre-studio cup of tea, but I lacked any nerves at all about appearing in the studio or in front of the cameras. Perhaps it was knowing Richard and Jon personally in advance.

For those who seen it what did you think? And for those who didn’t, is there anyone with a link to a stream or a Torrent? Or should I be even asking for a Torrent of it?

Big Bite

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  1. It would have been nice if they flashed the blog URLs on screen. Otherwise I thought it did great with the short time it was given. Blogging needs more than 15 minutes worth of chat for the uninitiated to grasp what it’s all about.

  2. Well done, Gavin. I thought you spoke and looked well. In additions to being informative I thought the show revealed some interesting undercurrents in blogworld. For instance, the tension between male and female bloggers. For further analysis perhaps?

  3. I hadn’t realised there was tension between male and female bloggers. Is there tension? Should I be tense? Is everyone else tense? I bet I look silly not being tense when everyone else is.

  4. It’s all a matter of colour–or the colour you see in the words you read.

    I occasionally write about dogs, gardens and flowers. Big Bite on Blogging caused me to think I may have a feminine-leaning blog so I’m changing my colour scheme to pastel pinks and cream-coloured tints in the hope that my writing will be more accessible.

  5. I thought you all did very well Gavin. I know for a fact that I would have been a bundle of nerves in a TV studio but not one of the blog panelists exhitibited the slightest sign of nerves AFAICS.

    I suppose I would have like to see the discussion widened beyond political blogging but realise that this is what the show wanted to focus on. I also thought that McWilliams overdid the interruptions a little, constantly cutting across people.

    Other than that though, a very enjoyable show.

  6. I had actually forgotten about watching it, but I crawled out of bed late and flicked on the tv to see the whole thing in front of me.

    I think it went very well, and as said above, hopefully it will enlighten Irish people as to what blogging is all about.

    It was also cool to get to see everyone’s faces too. Its weird what ideas you have in your head as to what people look like.

    Good job everyone though.

  7. My comment just got et, so I’m trying again. Damn ‘puters!

    I thought the show was interesting. Just finished a thesis on blogging myself, so I was shouting at the TV in a general over-immersion psychosis. has some interesting bits about blogosphere demographics.

    How is David in person? He truly is The King. That thing on Corkonians was great the other day…

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