3 thoughts on “Weekend hiatus”

  1. Hardly acceptable. It should only have taken five minutes to realise each film was shit and walk out/turn it off. So that’s fifteen minutes, plus another ten to read the news round-up at the beginning of the economist and then leave it lying round the house to create the illusion of a busy mind. Not even half an hour.

  2. Isn’t Ring 2 just poo?

    I’ve seen all the existing Ring films now (all bloody 5!) and really, you just can’t beat Gore Verbinski’s rendition.

    Although The Grudge wins out as Scary Movie Where No-one Is Safe Anywhere of the… Um… Ever. That bit on the bus… In broad daylight!? That’s just mean… And getting got in bed? Harsh.

    There’s an even scarier Director’s Cut of it coming out soon too. Ooh, I just can’t wait!

    Less babble, Ste!

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