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Following on from watching Robert Kaplan’s interview on Book TV, and on the advice of both my uncle and indeed Peter, I have started to read the History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides. It is the Rex Warner translation published by Penguin, and after reading the first part involving the dispute between Corinth and Corcyra (Corfu) over Epidamnus, I have found the translation to be adequate, and after the first few pages, easy to read. Hell it certainly beats Kant. There are also some great ancient maps on the net, if I find the Penguin ones to be inadequate.

I think I will quote some of the best passages I find, some of you might find it interesting. To save me typing out quotes I will quote from the MIT site translated by Crawley.






5 responses to “Currently Reading”

  1. Peter Nolan avatar

    I haven’t even finished it yet!

  2. Peter Nolan avatar

    I just listened to the McWilliams program. I’m heartened to learn that you’re not a journalist – my respect for you is hugely increased!

  3. Moriarty avatar

    Thucydides hasn’t finished it either Peter

  4. Gavin Sheridan avatar

    Hehe, it is a good read thus far, shall I ever make it to the end i wonder.