3 thoughts on “Subscriptions”

  1. Drop the Economist sub and read anything useful in a coffee shop. I’m already thinking of cancelling my Atlantic because there’s not enough to last me a day – this month was weak, dude!

    FP is good – but a little pricey. I’ll be blogging shortly on the debate between Josef Joffe and Juan Cole.

    I find myself treating FA as a reference book to be read selectively, such as the great recent pieces on nuclear proliferation.

    What next? Since Indymedia revealed that you’ve gone over the dark side as an “FI-linked blogger”, then you have to start reading the National Interest and Commentary. Check out Azure (www.azure.org.il) too.

    One thing which might be worthwhile to do is trying to cultivate a Realist strand on the blog.

  2. Atlantic is arse, you’ll be wanting Harper’s, that’s what you’ll be wanting. Harper’s is my favourite mag in the world, and Lewis Lapham is The Man.

  3. No, ‘cos Harpers is the NY Review of Books, but without the erudition or sourcing.

    I skim it every so often and I’ve taken a look at Lapham’s book, which seems to be the work of a precious and pretensious liberal arts grad who wants to write on science, politics, diplomacy and the economy rather than leaving it to those with a firmer practical or academic claim to knowledge in the fields.

    The poets should stick to literature and leave the real world to the likes of Robert Kaplan, Richard Clarke and James Fallows. The Atlantic may be liberal, but it’s auite diverse and never stupid.

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