New Pope

I am one of those people who actually wasn’t alive when the last Pope was elected, so it is interesting to see a new one. His policies sound exactly like JPII’s.






5 responses to “New Pope”

  1. Anthony Sheridan avatar

    Not alive? Does that mean you were dead?

  2. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    No I had yet to come into existence…

  3. barrydublin avatar

    This is no time to Pontificate.

  4. Gerry O'Sullivan avatar

    The best bit about having a new pope is when the priest forgets who is pope during the Eucharistic prayer at Mass:

    ‘…together with Joh…errrr…erm…Benedict our Pope, John our Bishop…etc.’

    Mind you, I haven’t been to Mass for about 20 years, so I won’t see it happen this time.