Google Maps Ireland, etc.

Well there are no satellite images yet, but Google have got a detailed map of the United Kingdom, but Northern Ireland and the Republic are more or less limited to Primary routes. All the major cities have been covered though, Cork being the most important one of course.






8 responses to “Google Maps Ireland, etc.”

  1. Peter Nolan avatar

    Maybe yon Brits will come back to burn it all down, and finish the job properly this time.

  2. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    They could try I guess, but then Murphys production would cease and Ireland would invade the Uk.

  3. Eagle avatar

    Gavin, when I read your comment a week (or two) about Google’s satellite images and maps I just assumed you knew that there is already an excellent map site for Britain & Ireland. 5 years ago we had mapflow for satellite images (much clearer than Google’s current offering). Unfortunately they took away the free satellite images of local areas (I saved the picture of our neighborhood).

  4. Eagle avatar

    I just tried to find the picture of my neighborhood and I now realize it was lost when my hard drive died 18 months ago. Damn!

  5. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    I wouldnt call multimap excellent, but i have used it before, like yourself ive been using the internet since those early days hehe

  6. Eagle avatar

    Well, I called multimap excellent because it’s more accurate than my 18 year old street map of Dublin. Any time I need to find an area outside the canals, I use multimap because my street map is missing most of what’s out there.

  7. digamma avatar

    Google seems to have a perfect map of Dublin now, but with no searching or navigating capability whatsoever. You can start here and zoom out to find what you want. I only found it by zooming out from the US and crossing the Atlantic.

  8. BRUNO avatar

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