Space tourism industry to run 'like fast-food franchises'

I expect that somewhere within my natural lifetime, the oppurtunity not just to go on a sub-orbital space flight will be realised, but I might even get to orbit the Earth a few times. I just can’t wait. Burt Rutan is the guy making it all happen, he envisions franchising out his technology.

3 thoughts on “Space tourism industry to run 'like fast-food franchises'”

  1. I’ve read about this guy a few times. Burt Rutan is the Orville Wright of our times. A genius. Puts NASA to shame.

  2. Un sueño es un sueño y por el momento, para mi es solo eso.Hacer turismo espacial,cojonudo.
    Entre tanto encantado de vivir donde vivo, en Almuñécar, en la Costa Tropical de España.

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