Blogging widows

It is my duty as a blogger to inform my fellow bloggers that a quick search may lead them to find that a certain phrase has been used before:

Jafablog has a list of blogs that talk about the subject
Dan Drezner’s wife used the phrase back in January 2004, and remembering that post prompted me to write this post.

Sorry to all concerned for my being so anal retentive.






4 responses to “Blogging widows”

  1. Amanda Brown avatar

    Hi Gavin,

    You’re a nerd- however tell me this, has anyone termed it blidows(c) yet??hmmm hmm have they have they.

    (great stuff by the way)

  2. adrian avatar

    Aw bummer, thought I was being original with the term. Thanks for the qualification.

  3. Tony Allwright avatar

    I am married to one, poor girl.