Astrology vs Religion

Professor Reville of UCC has an interesting article in today’s Irish Times on the subject of astrology.

After analyzing the practice he reaches the following conclusion:

Astrology makes large claims that are extremely improbable from a scientific viewpoint. In order to take these claims seriously it would be necessary to have extraordinarily strong evidence. On the contrary, the evidence is very weak. In the absence of extraordinary evidence to support extraordinary claims, the only sensible course is to treat astrology as seriously as you would treat an amusing party game.

That sounds like a perfect definition of religion to my mind.

Anthony Sheridan

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  1. Dear Anthony

    Have the messages of Our Lady at Medjugorje not been brought to your attention yet? Maybe I am the first to let you know of this heavenly messenger who has been coming each day to this place since 24th June 1981 to make the reality of God and the truth of His Word known to the whole world! There are extraordinary happenings there also, little gifts to us – nothing scary, but not explicable by science – which back up the fact that this is truly God’s work.

    You will get a warm welcome at which is the biggest and best of the sites devoted to her. Steve and Ana Shawl maintain it and can help with queries – Ana is from the locality.

    For the story of someone who lived through the changes, taught himself how to use a computer and get the messages out to the rest of us, check out and meet Nedjo Brecic. Nedjo is now in Heaven – he appeared with Our Lady the day after he died (4th July 1999) with a message for his children. You can read more about Nedjo in the IIPG pages at

    If you can manage it, do go to Medjugorje and check it out for yourself. Joe Walsh Tours and Marian Pilgrimages are bringing out groups and individuals from Ireland every week. You will enjoy it and come back renewed restored and refreshed.

  2. Hi. I am lost. I just want to read Prof. Reville’s article on science vs. faith vs. astrology from 24 Aug. Irish Times because I read a letter in 25th Aug edition that engaged in a very interesting (for me) debate. I do not want to subscribe to the Irish Times. I have read Michael Behe’s book ‘ Darwin’s Black Box’ and some Arthur Koestler. I have also thought a little for myself. Also I would love to read about Prof. Reville’s ideas. I would like to communicate with this person on the subject Paley’s original argument for creation by design – i.e. finding a watch on a beach!

    Leading on from this I need further clarification on the anthropomorphic principle. Can someone email the article from the Irish Times 24/08/06 as I don’t want to subscribe to them as I just will not pay.

    Please I just want to read the article by Prof. Reville.

    Thank you. My address is:

  3. Thanks platypusattack! I have looked at the video and listened. I am speechless. Do you really think I will take this seriously? December 25th my arse. That video is just so CNN or Discovery channel. It makes a complete joke of any objective research into the historical Jesus. Herodotus and the apostle Luke would be appalled. Anyone who loves logic will rubbish this soundtrack.


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