Embargoed book claims Saudi oil infrastructure rigged for catastrophic self-destruction

As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, Arianna Huffington planned to start a new website and blog, that was launched earlier today. Their first big scoop is a leak from Ger Posner’s new book:

According to a new book exclusively obtained by the Huffington Post, Saudi Arabia has crafted a plan to protect itself from a possible invasion or internal attack. It includes the use of a series of explosives, including radioactive “dirty bombs,â€? that would cripple Saudi Arabian oil production and distribution systems for decades.

Overall the story seems credible, Dick also picked up the story – but I was more interested in the new blog. There are some interesting faces and posts – including some posts that many people will recognise from people like Harry Shearer, radio show host and voice for half the characters on the Simpsons, including Monty Burns. David Frum is there too, as well as Hollywood actor John Cusask.

I like the layout and the writing, I will be a regular visitor.

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  1. I don’t – David Brock wrote in his book about how she used to keep a team of freelancers in her Washington mansion to the stories and jokes for her syndicated column.

    F*****g Greeks!

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